Thing 12 – My choice

I’ve joined Shelfari and LibraryThing as a way to track all that I read as well as tap into what others are recommending.  I doubt that both are necessary but I’m going to see which one wins my heart with use.

I like that I can track everything: past, present and future reads.  And find other people with “eerily similar tastes”, as LibraryThing puts it.  I also hope to find book recommends for my patrons, who are avid readers of specific genres, from folks of eerie similarity on Shelfari and LibraryThing.

I give and get a lot of book recommendations.  Because there is only 1 of me and some 100 zilliongajillion books, I rely on the good recommendations of others.  I really listen when someone shares what they liked or didn’t like about a book.  And I enthusiastically peddle books on the basis of that information.  Shelfari and LibraryThing should help me do that.

When I have more time, I’m going to explore Blurb and other ways to make my own photo books.  I hope to go after my family photos/negatives and get something that we all can enjoy.

Thing 11 – The Cloud

I signed on with Dropbox.  It is incredibly useful and convenient way to store stuff to which I want ready, universal access.  But I remain skeptical about all the assurances that our stuff is safe in The Cloud.  The expression “safe as houses” comes to mind.

I don’t have much to rain down from the cloud for the wide world but here is a tried and true recipe for ginger cookies.  I got it from Lana Gogerty, goddess of goodness.

Thing 10 – Google Apps

I’m a big fan of Google Docs.  It is just such a smart, efficient, collaborative tool.  I’ve used it quite a bit for my coursework with classmates from all over the planet and we use it a lot at the HS Library.  Parents are adept at using it too so it’s worked well for organizing volunteers for events.

For this Thing, I created a spreadsheet for a Sakura Medal activity.  I shared it with 3 others who were working together to input necessary information.  Google docs saved so much time,  by omitting conversations and emails that just are no longer needed and allowing each of us to work at our convenience.

I also spent some time organizing the documents that I have already.  I made folders and subfolders and assigned a color to each folder.  The color cue is a slick way to quickly identify the document I want without having to select the folder itself.

1 Reason 2 Wake Up

Yogurt + Fresh Oranges + Toasted Almonds = Really Good Breakfast Thing

Thing 9 – Tagging

Love Delicious.  Very useful for my coursework and likewise easy to see how it would help out ES/MS/HS students as well.  It is a great repository for the websites that I find related to my paper topic, homework assignments and anything else that tickles my fancy.  The bookmarks wait for me there until I have time for a more thorough inspection.

It has added value over browser bookmarking because I can take advantage of what other people have found on topics that interest me.  I’ll find useful/enjoyable sources either by goal-oriented effort or serendipity.

I snooped around the Tag Cloud and the list of recent bookmarks.  As a Thing 7 graduate, this one listing other video site options besides YouTube and Vimeo interested me.

I followed the link on Thing 9 to the Library article entitled Tags Make Libraries Delicious.  Lots of good ideas there, especially on how to use Delicious to replace or add to Pathfinders.

Thing 8 — Twitter

My Twitter name:  ruthlesslyterse

Please follow my every little thought/action.  It’ll be riveting.

Twittering among friends/colleagues could be good.  Following folks who tweet new discoveries of interest to me could be good.

I’ve just struck up a relationship with blogging.  It seems a little soon for me to be tweeting around.

Thing 7 – Video Sites

I already use YouTube more than is sensible.  So I explored 12 seconds, Vimeo, and way too many old TV commercials [hey, Mikey].

About 12 Seconds:  I really don’t want to spend 12 seconds of my life watching 12 lame seconds of someone else’s life.

I did enjoy Vimeo.  The content was more creative, thoughtfully conceived and of better quality than any original video I’ve seen on YouTube.   It seems like a good platform for sharing seriously crafted video.  So when I learn that skill, I’ll get started.  What # Thing is video production?